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Saved Me Years Of Knowledge Gap

Didn’t know how all the different rules, market forces and personal elements are all interlinked that can affect my wealth building plan through real estate. Charlie has saved me years of knowledge gap, and allow me to compound my wealth way ahead of my peers by having a personalized and structured plan

Chung Ying

What People Are Getting It Wrong?

Hey, my name is Charlie Chan …

Recently, I had a chance to work with Chung Ying. He had built a successful career and so he wanted to start early in his real estate investment journey. However, after ploughing through the transaction numbers and comparing across so many developments, he was getting tired of the property hunt.

Chung Ying called me because he wanted help with two things: finding value property and one that suits him – i.e. property identification problem.

I smiled because that’s why most people call me. They usually assume that I’m going to give them 1 or 2 fire sale properties and solve their problems. But I knew that, like most clients I work with, Chung Ying doesn’t have property identification problem.

It rarely is. More often than not, it’s a KNOWLEDGE problem. See how our RPS Framework removed the random research works and transform it into a strategic, systematic and data-driven approach that sets him up for higher profits in the long run.

Learn From A Real Estate Professional And Investor With The Unfair Knowledge Advantage And Industry Experience

Investment-focused real estate consultant who will answer all your queries, formulate creative solutions and ultimately ensure a successful real estate investment dedicated to your circumstances and needs.

Charlie Chan

- Founder of Carepital, Real Estate Consultant (Propnex Realty) and Investor

My motivation for business and investing knowledge began when I was nine years old.

I remember the exact morning when I was preparing to go to school. But I hadn’t have any allowance for the day. So I went to wake my mum up for a dollar so that I could grab my breakfast during the break time.

The next moment, my mum woke up in shock, washed her face and rushed down to borrow a dollar from the uncle selling newspaper below my block. Then she dropped it in my hand, and went back home to sleep. Must have been very tired due to the late night shift works in the electronic manufacturing factory.

I thought to myself, one day I am going to be successful to take care of my parents and family.

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At that time, I remember my best friend’s dad being successful with business and investment. Well, other than running his own engineering business and investing at the side, I am not sure of the details as I guess I was too young to understand anyhow. But to me, at that point in time, being able to bring his son out to play arcade and bowling every Friday in his Mercedes night seemed like a success to me.

That idea of having to build a business and investment portfolio stuck with me since then.

However, since I couldn’t really engage in business or investing per se at that age, I channelled all the focus and hard work towards my study. I am constantly on top of my school work, days and night, seven days a week.

Eventually I graduated top 10% of my cohort from National University of Singapore (NUS), and I got a considerably good job at a MNC.

While life is comfortable, I realized that even with optimistic job promotion, I will not be able to achieve the kind of financial abundance I set out to achieve since young.

I realized that all the years of hard work hasn’t really prepared me to go to where I want to go.

While I wanted to leave my job and build my business, I have a major concern: what business am I going to build.

As I chanced upon books on real estate, I discovered the power of this special asset class and leverage that can help us grow and multiply our wealth. I became excited!

And I thought that being a real estate consultant will be a natural extension to advance my aspiration to help others in the area of investing first.

I took advantage of my engineer mind to research, breakdown and analyse market data information to ensure that every purchase or sale decision will be a successful investment through a data-driven approach.

However, I realized the people who were making huge profits were doing it through steps and processes invisible to the naked eye.

While I had modelled the part of their investment process that I could see, there were multiple knowledge required behind the scenes that made the magic work. I found that the difference between a fifty-thousand-dollar profit and a two-hundred-thousand-dollar profit was all of the things RELATIVE to the specific development and unit we are looking at.

Hence, I immersed myself days and nights with mountains of knowledge and information.

It took me almost 3 full years of studying and researching successful and unsuccessful investment deals to perfect my real estate investment strategy tool, called the Risks, Pit-stops, Selections (RPS) Framework.

I wanted to reach out because I think there are a lot of people like I was, trying to model the surface level of real estate investing and are frustrated that they aren’t getting anywhere. This RPS Framework is the culmination of years spent analysing thousands of deals.

Times have changed. Whatever methodologies our parents or grandparents have known are no longer applicable. We need to learn and keep up with relevant and specialized knowledge if we want to be ahead.

I hope that after working with us through the RPS Framework, you will realize that your dream of success in real estate investment is a lot closer than you think.

If you are like me, think that you can and want to be more than what your current situation is, and want to find out how to identify investment properties successfully, apply to us now.

See What’s Included in The RPS Framework That Will Uncover Hidden Profit & Advance Your Real Estate Wealth Building Plan

Thinking of how to plan your finances optimally? What about the strategy and plan for the next 3 to 30 years? How to select not only the right development, but also the right unit?

Risk Assessment Analysis (RAA)

Thorough analytical framework to run through your financial status using our technology and in-depth computation tools.

Whether to sell or hold on to current property, purchase one property first or two simultaneously, decouple, restructure, or form legal trust etc, we will generate a complete personalized list of possible next-step options, to ensure an optimal solution for you.

Pit-Stops for Personalised Planning (PPP)

Base on 11 key variables you must know to generate the highest Return On Investment (ROI), we plan for various pit-stops for purchase, rental and exit strategy throughout your property investment journey.

With this power tool, you will no longer be locked in the haphazard decision-making process of when to buy, sell or rent.

Selection Of Value Property (SVP)

Comprehensive analysis on the database of property activities and price movement, together with detailed study of Transformation and Master Plan.

We will work through not only which is the best development for you based on your unique circumstances, but also exactly which particular units in the development you should invest in.

See What Chung Ying And Other Clients Are Saying About The RPS Framework

Our structured and dedicated process is how we ensure our clients receive maximum value from their real estate investment.


The Data-Driven Approach Gives Me The Confidence

The consultation was an eye opener. Charlie’s data-driven approach and in-depth analysis gave me the confidence I need to park my investment fund. Incorporating my personalised plan with specific developments and unit to enhance the potential investment return is what I was looking at – and it couldn’t have been better working with Charlie.

Chung Ying

See How This RPS Framework Is Already Helping Others To Start Their Investment Journey Right

Whether the property purchase is for own-stay or to lease out, the RPS Framework has benefited many groups of people in their investing journey

Really understand my needs


Charlie not only understand my needs but also incorporate them into a personalized investment plan. And he is very dedicated and patient with my requests.

Fion, Finance Executive

Data-driven approach assures my investment decision


Never seen real estate consultant like Charlie before. Very data-driven, and it helps me a lot in making a sound decision. Didn’t know there’s so much I don’t know before talking to him.

Hong Jun, Supply Chain Professional

Personalized long term plan to capitalize on investment journey


Wouldn’t have been able to take on the opportunity to plan for long term investment without Charlie reaching out to us. Really thankful for his advice and guidance.

Ray, Engineer

Join The Community of Professionals and Entrepreneurs Who Built Their Real Estate Investment Portfolio Successfully

Having completed many complex cases ranging from properties restructuring to using legal trust and international properties as part of a comprehensive investment portfolio management strategies, we are sure to work out the best plan for you.

However, due to the limited time that Charlie can personally give his attention to, we have only 5 LIMITED SLOTS that he can work closely with this month. So we need you to apply and see if you qualify for the RPS Framework consultation first!


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